Noble Houses

The death of an old regime

The old head of house has recently died, causes known by few. The new head of house, Virgil, has little time for mourning with how much the house has fallen into disrepair. On top of trying to cut down on the frivolous spending of the house, Virgil must deal with a cocky investigator, Peyder,the son of the high king. Robert, the brewmaster, brews a legendary beer to tantalize Peyder. The old man tastes this brew and makes it his mission to speak its glory. Peyder likes the brew and says he will mention it to his father. Peyder is here to investigate and try to capture a rogue mage in the area. Virgil takes this opportunity to try and boast the reputation of the House by going behind Peyder’s back and capturing the rogue mage with his party.
The mage apprentice of the house uses his powers of investigation to locate the rogue mage. Virgil sends the house’s investigator, Roland, to take care of the rogue mage. He tells Lily to inform the investigator about the rogue mages location. Roland approaches the base of the rogue mage along with the house’s mage, Armstrong, and some secret back up. The house mage rips the house apart by throwing up a huge boulder up from beneath. This shows to be ineffective. The killing blow to the rogue mage comes from the shadows. Virgil’s daughter, Mirren, uses her expert skills to deal a killing blow to the mage and sneak back into the shadows before her powers are discovered. Yolo the house’s drunken doctor goes to examine the body. Having too much to drink he decides he wants to take out the eyes of the rogue mage. The apprentice mage of the house stops him in his tracks to prevent him from making it so the body can’t be identified. Two mooks from the house took the body of the rogue mage back to the house. The court’s investigator took the head off the body and put it in a special box covered in Runes. Peyder thanks Virgil for doing his job for him, and goes on to chastise him because he almost lost a special jewel the rogue mage had stolen. He reveals that Lily went behind Virgil’s back by telling him of the house mission. Robert teaches Lily how to brew, and Lily teaches Robert how to grow hops.


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