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The Journal of Virgil: I

Prelude to a Journal:
I have always prided myself on being able to have many irons in the proverbial fire, but still accomplish the task at hand with alacrity. This is a virtue of mind, but it is also my vice because it leaves little time for reflection. Both my beloved aunt Lily and the old man have suggested that I keep some sort of daily journal to keep my thoughts in order. I politely told the old man that I did not have time for that. However, when I tried to tell this to Lily she looked at me with a look that made it seem like she was deeply disappointed in me, and she might also cry. Thus, Virgil relents. (There are numerous people in the kingdom who would love nothing more than to know that Virgil’s will was bent by the crying woman when he would not be moved by threats, bribes or even politics. I am sure Peyder would probably make up some sort of song about it). I informed her I would write the journal, but no it would not be a daily thing. Instead I would write a summary of events from time to time for my own reflection, but no she would not be allowed to read it (unless she cries, that would probably work).

An Eventful Brew:
Robert came to me asking permission to participate in a brewing contest being held by the Wineroths. I of course gave him my blessing. He is a honorable man who follows his duty with integrity and ingenuity. Before I even had the chance to bring it up he offered to help enter into trade negotiation with the Wineroths on behalf of our House. He also offered to speak to the Lilithians in order to strengthen our relationship with them.
Upon his return, I was overjoyed to learn that he had won the contest (as if there was ever a doubt). He was enthralling our whole court with tales of his victory (other houses tell tales about knightly exploits, ours are about mail and brewing; ours is frankly better). Apparently, winning the tourney got him a private audience with Lord Wineroth. (Is that how people think of me now, as Lord Angelos? It feels strange to not be just Virgil, which has become almost as much a title as a name). Lord Wineroth confirmed that there was a strong alliance between him and the Lilithians, and he informed him that he believed that a war was coming, and he intended to be on the winning side with the Lilithians. On his way home, Robert also stopped at the Lilithians capital. There he met with their high lady, and she told him much the same. I will have to keep track of this, and perhaps inform the king.
When Robert returned home I was happy for him, and I believe he was honored to bring esteem to our house, and to serve it so nobly. I could also tell he was eager to return home to his family. I believe his daughter is of marrying age. I believe I will offer to help him find her a suitable husband and provide a fitting dowry if needed.
Missing Mage Wood:
There are reports that convoys belonging to house Vilmiknan have been being attacked, and the mage wood shipped with them taken. I had the ambassador from their house come and meet me to discuss these matters. I asked him if the reports were true because they also concern House Angelos because if their convoys are being hit then air deliveries might be next. Also, the king needed to know of his justice was being so publicly flaunted. The Vilmiknan ambassador informed me that the reports were indeed true. I offered to help take care of the problem by helping arrange for armed escorts. However, he insisted that they had the problem taken care of, and he immediately excused himself. So be it.
Financial Dealings:
I hear reports that the House of Sun and Moon is financing house Eolas for some research. I wonder what that is about. I hope my good friends in house Eolas are getting a good rate because their works are always so helpful to the kingdom. I should talk to them when I get the chance.
Political Intrigue:
I have heard a great many troubling things lately. First, House Charis may attempt secession from the kingdom, and Nathair might seek to join them. This is an old rumor being recast in a new mold. I doubt that it has any truth to it, but it is best to check on these things. However, I have little doubt as to their actual fidelity. On top of that, Nathair would never have such malicious ambition. I wonder if the rumor about Clovis agents meeting with the Royal family and Charis are related.
There is a growing rumor about an attempt on the king’s life. This is deeply worrying, if true. I have absolute faith in those protecting the king, but I still feel like it is my duty to offer whatever assistance I can. I sent him letter offering to help, and I suppose he was persuaded because he said we would discuss it when I came to the capital for the mediation.
Oh yes, there is a great worry in the Church and house Valvoma. There is a great deal of violence surrounding the selection of their new high lord. I wonder if the elevating of several of their members to high ranking church positions is related. Regardless, tings have gotten out of hand. They have even gone so far as to hire foreign assassins. It was clear that the legitimacy of the selection was a stake. It is important that such things be beyond reproach, and I told high ranking members of the House this. Their response both honored and humbled me. They asked me to act as mediator and to select their new leader in keeping with honor and the law. I agreed on the condition that they be bound by my decision, and that we get the kings approval of me as a mediator. The king agreed, and said the mediation would occur within the Royal Court, and he would send to each House for them to send as high ranking member of their house as they can spare to observe the mediation. As usual, are king’s thought were in keeping with wisdom.
Lastly, house Algar has been pulled back their presence from most of the major cities, which is a surprise because this seems to threaten their economy. Luckily they have continued to escort our mail convoys for the time being. It is possible they are just having a House meeting, but those tend to be less secretive. I hear that Lord Hetar himself will be at the mediation, which means I will have to speak to them about this. Historically, our House has been closer to the Algars than any other House (the mail must be protected). This will be the first time I have seen him since becoming the head of House Angelos. His dislike for me is well-known. In his defense, I did marry his daughter without his permission, and he blames me for his death. I just hope this time he doesn’t punch me again. I think I will bring Mirren with me because he likes her, and I hope he brings my mother-in-law with him (she likes me).
I have a feeling that this foray to the capital with be eventful at the very least.


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