Yolo Angelos


High Concept: Great Doctor if Sober.
Trouble: Mediocre at Best
Background Aspect: You only live once. – Pops
Long Term Goal: Gain acceptance from his family.
Short Term Goal: To find his room.
Guest Star Aspect: Secret Garden (Lily knows Yolo has a garden of his own)

There was an old drunk named yolo
Who was sick and tired of tobacco
So he suck out in the night
To grow to his delight
Some weed and weird shit I know

Guest Star Aspect 2:

Superb (5): Drinking.
Great (4): Conspicuous.
Good (3): Surgery, Brawling.
Fair (2): Acting, Theatrics, Singing, Apothecary.
Average (1): Torture, Seduction, Sleight of Hand, Poetry, Philosophy, Musical Instruments, Soothing Platitude, Bloodletting, Anatomy, Falsehood, Persuasion, Running, Jumping.
Stunts & Powers -
Pay Attention to Me – Spends a fate point to force everyone in a 40 feet radius to pay attention to him.
Adjusted Refresh: 5


There once was a man who went through a bunce
Who decided that you only live once
With fresh money in hand
And schemes poorly planned
His relative think he’s a dunce

There once was a rich man in the know
Who decided med school was where he would go
He left in a flash
And came back with diploma and cash
For all that left him were a glow

There was a doctor with skills high not low
Who thought he would try a nice Bordeaux.
He took up the bottle
And his skills it did throttle
So now he is only so-so

There once was a doctor so drunk
That he often smelled like a skunk
Not wanting to offend the king
He packed up his things
And went to train with a monk

There once was a monk slightly off
Who could always fix the bad cough
One day he decided to sing
And their ears he made ring
And so they told him to promptly jerk-off

There once was a bard so true
That his fame began to accrue
To keep up this band wagon
He slayed a poor dragon
And joined up with a wandering jew

There once was man who spread
A religion that he made up in his head
He set the society back
At least 20 years for a fact
For others stray he had lead

There once was a man who lost his cleric
Who’s name might have been Derrick
Without his good friend
He decided to descend
Back home where they thought him barbaric

There once was a man so bold
That his banner shown shimmering gold
Behind that poor guy
Rode our hero on high
Who thought everyone should him behold

There once was a man who came home
From a wondrous journey he did roam
He sung epic rifts of his long sails
But no one thought true his tall tales
So he raged till his mouth filled with foam

There once was a man who had lots of love
Who’s old worth was left and devoid of
Dried up and old
He drinks and is told
That man I’d rather be rid of

Yolo Angelos

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