Lily Angelos


High Concept: Obsessive Compulsive Gardener
Some people just want to watch the grass grow.

Trouble: Get off my lawn.
Lily has lead a long and arduous life, and just wants to be left to her own devices. So it’s no wonder she flies off the handle, when people keep trying to get her involved in petty struggles and power games.

Background Aspect: Friends from the Past.
Lily was often fighting against her older brother, the previous leader of the house of Angelos. Being the youngest of many, her rebellious attitude and off beat notions caused her to temporarily be shunned by her brother. This did not stop her from showing kindness to her brother’s young son, Virgil. Now she is under his protection, and feels free to tread on shaky ground.

Long Term Goal: Improve agricultural standards throughout the realm

Short Term Goal: Gain as many average skills as possible.

Guest Star Aspect 1: Book Buddies.
Lily spends a lot of time in the library researching plant growth. Despite her harsh exterior she is bound to make a friend from Otto, who does his own studying in the library.

Guest Star Aspect 2: Money & Booze.
Hops don’t just hop out of the ground, they have to be grown. Lily is the main supplier for the local brewer, with the benefit of money and some beer on the side.

Superb (5): Research, Agricultural
Great (4): Poison, Falsehood
Good (3): Persuasion, Alchemy, Apothecary
Fair (2): Engineering, Observation, Foraging
Average (1): Animal Husbandry, Disguise, Quiet.
Wise: Brewing (1) Investigate Crimes(1) Manage the House Fiances(1) Inconspicuous (1)
Stunts & Powers
Mycology- +2 to rolls dealing with fungus and fungus related fields.
Lost in the background – Spend a fate point to not be found or not have to finish a conversation.

Adjusted Refresh: 5


Lily Angelos is the youngest sister of Peter Angelos, the old head of the house. Lily being the youngest had fewer responsibilities then most, and took this as an opportunity to do as she liked. When she was very young she ran away from the house to marry a rich merchant, Peter took this as a betrayal and they have been at odds ever since. Her husband, Matthew Hayford, was a very successful business man who taught Lily the importance of intelligence. They had two children together, fraternal twins, Jack and Eve.

Jack took after his father, and was a very obedient and hardworking young man. Believing her brother to be a corrupt head of house, due to spite Lily instilled in her son the belief that the purpose of a house was to take care of it’s citizens, and having noble blood in him made it so that it was his duty to protect those around him. This created an odd sense of justice in Jack, who believed he must sacrifice himself for those around him.

Eve went in a very different direction. She enjoyed the gardening Lily did and often took off to the forest. Lily believed that Eve would fall in love and be taken care of, just as she had. This caused Lily to be more lax on Eve. This allowed Eve to become extremely wild. Eve would often cause minor mischief and disappear for hours on end. Jack would often try to quell Eve’s tricks, believing that he had a duty towards her as her brother.

Matthew was often absent throughout the lives of his children. Do to his successful trade he often was traveling on business. Matthew stilled loved his children dearly, spoiling his children with gifts. His often absence caused Jack to take the head of the home to try and protect his mother and sister. He believes that education and higher learning are important, and spends most of his free time either teaching or reading to his children.

Lily’s last pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. She fell in to a deep depression. Matthew was forced by business to leave his wife’s side. He made the decision to take along his two children on business and leave Lily with her family to be taken care of. They did not return at the usual date. Later a message came back saying that a carriage had been found broken down along the roadside, inside the carriage they found the Hayford business seal. The outside of the carriage was partially scorched, and valuable documents and items were left inside the carriage. The passengers, driver, and horse could not be found. Lily believes her family is still alive and refuses to marry. Though most of her family believes that they are dead.

Lily often dreams that her husband will return, and works hard in hopes that he will be proud of the accomplishments she has achieved during his time away. She still manages the business her husband left her, but it is not as successful since she refuses to leave her home for business, luckily the trade agreements Matthew has made have been strong enough to sustain the business. Lily now lives on the grounds of the noble house, but she often visits her old home to leave notes and small gifts in case her family returns. Despite the long absences, Lily has refused to hold the burial rites for her family, because of her influence all the members of the Hayford family are considered legally alive.

Despite her prowess in agriculture, the fighting she had between her brother caused him to create laws stopping her from selling her crops to non-nobles. Excess crops are given out to the old and sick who can not work for themselves. When Virgil is not sick in bed or prosecuting traitors he has in the past come to help hand out the food. He says it is because he has a kinship with the unhealthy, but Lily thinks he likes the adoration.

Lily is close friends with Virgil Angelos and Otto. Lily feels that Virgil is more of her brother despite their relations due to the fact that her age is much closer to Virgil’s than it is to her own siblings. She will often try to help Virgil, though he does not always like the way she does this. Her interpretation of duty is different from how Virgil would interpret it. Lily believes that Virgil had a hand in the death of his brother, Claudius, Claudius’s children, and the suicide of his sister’s child, but she thinks Claudius and his kin were oafs and feels that Julia was attempting to do the same as Virgil but simply was not as good and failed. She feels keeping her mouth shut is what would be best for the family, and the peasants. Despite the king’s favor towards Virgil, Lily doesn’t mind sassing him. She knows he can have her killed, but she realizes she is one of the more capable members of the household, as well she isn’t holding on too dearly to life.

Lily often spends her time researching in the Library, so she is friends with the house mage, Otto, who also likes to spend his time there. She feels he is one of the few people in the kingdom trying to help the populace, and trusts him with business if she thinks it will help him on his own pursuits. Lily trusts very few others in the House, but she is slightly fond of Virgil’s daughter, Mirren Angelos, who reminds her of her own daughter.

Lily is only a few years older then Virgil, but because she is in good health and has a minor obsession over beauty she looks a bit younger. Lily tries to keep it a secret but she is often trying out youth concoctions, because she is worried that when her husband returns he won’t think she is beautiful anymore. The older members of the court know her true age, the younger members simply know she is older then Virgil. If her age is brought up in conversation, she will be racked with worry for weeks and lock herself up in her room attempting to make more beauty creams. She has a reoccurring nightmare that her husband returns and does not recognize her.

Lily Angelos

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