Robert Angelos


High Concept: Brewmaster of Angelos
Trouble: Aggressive Competition
Background Aspect: Hard-earned Tools of Trade
Long Term Goal: I will be the best brewer in the kingdom.
Short Term Goal: I will win the next brewing contest.
Guest Star Aspect 1: Friendship “pays” off.
Guest Star Aspect 2: I can “grow” connections.

Superb (+5): Drinking
Great (+4): Brewer, Inconspicuous
Good (+3): Ugly Truth, History, Vintner
Fair (+2): Games of Chance, Soothing Platitudes, Conspicuous, Cooking
Average (+1): Haggling, Musical Instrument (Beer Bottle), Observation, Oratory, Philosophy

Stunts & Powers
Brew-wise (-0)
Adjusted Refresh: 6


Robert Angelos

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