Virgil's Cane


An ornate walking stick with the symbol of House Angelos carved into it. It is made of Mage Wood.


Virgil is never seen without his walking cane. It was a wedding present from his late wife Caitlyn. The cane is made of Mage Wood and it has the symbol of House Angelos (The Angelic Messenger) carved into it.

Virgil often gesticulates with the cane while speaking. He does everything from quietly tapping it in the ground, to waving it wildly, to banging against tables and walls. Because of this, and the fact that he is never seen without it, people often makes jokes about the cane, and most of them are crude. (“Did you hear about Virgil’s speech? Apparently, he his stick was waving around in the air and he could not keep his hands off of it. Worse yet, he kept banging everything in sight with it.”) No one has been brave enough to make such remarks to his face, with one notable exception. Peyder, the king’s son, takes great joy in making such remarks, often to Virgil’s face. However, his greatest joy seems to stem from timing these remarks with the exact moment that Virgil is entering the room.

It is rumored that their rivalry stems from the first occasion that Virgil heard such a remark. Virgil responded by chiding Peyder for his lack of manners, courtesy, and propriety. Virgil then rather curtly explained the origins of the cane to everyone present. Peyder smirked, and quickly responded “How unusual a story. Customarily, it is the husband who gives his wife a good banging with his stick. Yet you tell us that it was your wife who brought the banging stick to the marriage. How scandalous that noble Virgil would break so sharply with our most honored traditions.” It is said that Virgil then stared at Peyder for a good long while without ever speaking a word, and then stormed out of the room. It is also said that this is the only time anyone can remember Virgil being left speechless.

Virgil's Cane

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