Noble Houses

A Day in the Life of Mirren

I folded my hands authoritatively on the regal mahogany desk in front of me and met the Count’s defiant grey eyes. “So,” I began, “I hear you’ve started raising a little rebellion against me, Count Vernon. Even though I was next in succession after my father’s death and I have been groomed for lordship from the womb, you truly believe you are more fit for it than I. What claim could you possibly have to my seat? To my birthright?”
Unwaveringly, the Count met my stare, somehow convinced that he deserved this authority more than the late lord’s own daughter. “We are at war, your ladyship,” he growled. “I have been living on the outskirts of your great lands battling your enemies. I have defeated these ruffians who would see this magnificent house brought to ruin. With this most recent development, this brutal attack upon the capital and your father’s tragic murder, war with this ruinous cult of blood mages and our King’s transgressors is on the horizon. It would be best for House Angelos, my Lady, if someone with battlefield knowledge were in charge of things rather than someone as green as yourself. My experience in combat gives me a higher claim to the lordship.”
I sighed heavily. Experience in combat amused me somewhat. I was far from “green”. If only he knew what I did in my free time. I had a feeling this would only be the start of situations like these – foolish people thinking they can take my place as head of the house on a whim. Call it instinct. “Count Vernon, are you a direct descendant of my dear late father, Virgil Angelos?”
He shook his head.
“Then you have no claim to the lordship, and you were foolish to think otherwise. I do not suffer fools easily, much like my father did. You will learn this quickly about me if you continue to cross my path. I am the new head of House Angelos, and I do not wish to suffer such trifles at the hands of my subjects the day after my father’s death.” Clearly, the Count did not underestimate my abilities. These words set in him a visible unease as the defiance in his face faltered slightly. “However,” I continued, “I do have some need of your knowledge. Instead of handing over my position like some spineless twit, I offer you a position on my council of advisors as Chief Advisor of War and Defense. You may have this or death. Your choice.”
I watched the Count as he pondered my offer. He of course would not get any better offers, and really, he had nothing to lose. Of course, he would not have any real power. My uncle is perhaps the only advisor whom I actually trust on all matters. This buffoon would only have a figurehead position that made him feel as though he were important. To give a subordinate any power at all would be the height of idiocy. He would only be in a better position to subvert me.
After a long pause, Count Vernon spoke up, “My Lady, I will take your offer. I would be honored to serve as an advisor on your council.”

The Journal of Virgil: I

Prelude to a Journal:
I have always prided myself on being able to have many irons in the proverbial fire, but still accomplish the task at hand with alacrity. This is a virtue of mind, but it is also my vice because it leaves little time for reflection. Both my beloved aunt Lily and the old man have suggested that I keep some sort of daily journal to keep my thoughts in order. I politely told the old man that I did not have time for that. However, when I tried to tell this to Lily she looked at me with a look that made it seem like she was deeply disappointed in me, and she might also cry. Thus, Virgil relents. (There are numerous people in the kingdom who would love nothing more than to know that Virgil’s will was bent by the crying woman when he would not be moved by threats, bribes or even politics. I am sure Peyder would probably make up some sort of song about it). I informed her I would write the journal, but no it would not be a daily thing. Instead I would write a summary of events from time to time for my own reflection, but no she would not be allowed to read it (unless she cries, that would probably work).

The Winning Ale

April 4th

Rumors have been going around recently that the Wineroths will increase trade with whatever house can send a brewer to win their annual brewing tourny. Everyone knows that the Wineroths already greatly honor those that can make a good brew, so I suppose this makes sense that they’d want to trade more with the houses that have the people to make such great brews. I’m going to ask Lord Angelos if he’ll allow me to go and participate. I would really like to win the tournament, but beyond that I bet he’ll allow me to go for the trade opportunity.

The death of an old regime

The old head of house has recently died, causes known by few. The new head of house, Virgil, has little time for mourning with how much the house has fallen into disrepair. On top of trying to cut down on the frivolous spending of the house, Virgil must deal with a cocky investigator, Peyder,the son of the high king. Robert, the brewmaster, brews a legendary beer to tantalize Peyder. The old man tastes this brew and makes it his mission to speak its glory. Peyder likes the brew and says he will mention it to his father. Peyder is here to investigate and try to capture a rogue mage in the area. Virgil takes this opportunity to try and boast the reputation of the House by going behind Peyder’s back and capturing the rogue mage with his party.
The mage apprentice of the house uses his powers of investigation to locate the rogue mage. Virgil sends the house’s investigator, Roland, to take care of the rogue mage. He tells Lily to inform the investigator about the rogue mages location. Roland approaches the base of the rogue mage along with the house’s mage, Armstrong, and some secret back up. The house mage rips the house apart by throwing up a huge boulder up from beneath. This shows to be ineffective. The killing blow to the rogue mage comes from the shadows. Virgil’s daughter, Mirren, uses her expert skills to deal a killing blow to the mage and sneak back into the shadows before her powers are discovered. Yolo the house’s drunken doctor goes to examine the body. Having too much to drink he decides he wants to take out the eyes of the rogue mage. The apprentice mage of the house stops him in his tracks to prevent him from making it so the body can’t be identified. Two mooks from the house took the body of the rogue mage back to the house. The court’s investigator took the head off the body and put it in a special box covered in Runes. Peyder thanks Virgil for doing his job for him, and goes on to chastise him because he almost lost a special jewel the rogue mage had stolen. He reveals that Lily went behind Virgil’s back by telling him of the house mission. Robert teaches Lily how to brew, and Lily teaches Robert how to grow hops.

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