House of Algar

Formal Name: House of Algar

Geographical Notes: The house of Algar residues in it’s central city of Algaria in the center of a large plain, they have many smaller fortified bases in other cities where they conduct business.

Important Figures: The duke of Algar, is Hetar Algar. Algar is a meritocracy run by the best fighters, breeders, etc. of the house. The current 4 horsemen that run the house are, Edayn, Hetar, Yowen, and Zedak. The main leader is named Hetarus.

Motto: If you speak the truth have a foot in the stirrup.

Banner: Riders on horses, riding towards battle.

Theme: The Algar are know for their cavalry based mercenaries. When they ride in force of over 400 men, they fight with their battle banner raised high. Smaller bands of their men tend to act as enforcers or thugs.

Politics: The Algar title is passed down by hereditary inheritance, however the incompetent up for the title often step down, or die quickly.

Resources: Limited farming, Horse breeding, Mercenary work.

Skills: Horses, Animal Husbandry, Nature.

History: The Algar were not always a formal house, they started as a loose group of horsemen acting as mercenaries. Eventually, the King brought together the major leaders and foraged them into a house. The central market for horse trade, became a major city, this place was called Algaria, from where the House of Algar gets it’s name.

Traits: Tend not to intermarry with other Houses for politics, because they are a strength based people.

House of Algar

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