House of Eolas

Formal Name: House of Eolas

Common Name: House of Glasscocks.

Geographical Notes: The house of Eolas is located in a large city-state with many fortified roads.

Important Figures: Eolas is lead by the Council of Eight and the Speaker.

Motto: A Glasscock is never lost.

Theme: The Eolas are the road builders of the kingdom, with this they have also become the map makers. The Eolas are know for their ability to collect knowledge.

Politics: The Eolas are deeply secretive, and have a very stable ruling elite.

Resources: Telescopes, Maps, Caravans, World’s largest mobile library, knowledge, literacy.

Skills: Gatherers of Knowledge, Astronomy, Architecture, Invention

History: After the royal library was set on fire during the Seven Year Famine War, the Keepers of Knowledge, created their own faction, creating the infrastructure for the kingdom.

Alliance: Marriage with Vilmiknan.

House of Eolas

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