House of Lilithans

Formal Name: House of Lilithans

Important Figures: Titania (Matriarch), Phoebus (Matriarchal Husband), Aniope (Head General), Hestia (Daughter of Aniope + Amhasader), Theseus (Son of Titania + Treatorous), Meded (House Witch).

Motto: “A maiden without a man, is like a griffin without a catapult.”
“Fight to the death for the Goddess.”
“We descend from Lilith, who slit the throat of Adam while he slept.”

Theme: The Lilithans are a strong matriarchal society who are know for their warrior ideology. They are a sexist clan who believe that men are only good for minor labor, and mating. They are brutish and almost always looking for a fight. They have an odd belief about reincarnation, for women who die in battle they are said to become Valkyrie, but men continue the cycle by being reincarnated back into laborers.

Politics: The Lilithans strictly hold to the rule that only women can hold civic offices, but they do allow men to vote. Currently the diplomatic face of the house is Hestia, despite her marriage to a foreign house.

Resources: Lumber, Weapons.

Skills: Fighting, Weapons Combat, Lumberjack, Blacksmith.


Alliance: Marriage to Wineroths.

House of Lilithans

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