House of Valvoma

Formal Name: House of Valvoma

Geographical Notes: The House of Valvoma is a point of pilgrimage, known for it’s beauty and natural waterfalls. It is at the end of a mountain range facing to the east. West of Valvoma is mainly farmland, on a large plateau.

Important Figures: The house is lead by Mark Valvoma.

Motto: We are the light among the darkness.

Theme: The Valvoma are the face of the church. Their members are often strikingly beautiful and charismatic, and are well known for their many good deeds and acts of heroism. If one were to dig deeper into the history of Valvoma they would find treachery and deceit. The Valvoma are better known to a rare few as the central point for stolen goods and shady information.

Politics: The Valvoma are very well attuned with the church. They are socially affluent to the point that speaking badly towards the house of Valvoma has the same effect as speaking badly towards the church.

Resources: Donations through pilgrims, Agriculture, illegal goods, trade secrets, hired thugs, non-political assassinations, slave trafficking.

Skills: Charisma, Knowledge Arcane, Knowledge Religion, Beauty, Illegal Activity.

Trait: The reason for the beauty of the Valvoma is for their practice to adopt outsiders into the family for marriage. It has often been noted that when a particularly beautiful virgin is found in the outlying villages a representative from the house of Valvoma will greet her. He will bring her a message from a higher being stating that the fair maiden is chosen to marry such and such of the Valvoma house and go on to produce a hero.

House of Valvoma

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