House of Wineroths

Formal Name: House of Wineroths

Important Figures: Wineroth’s leader is Clavos Wineroth. He has a bastard son named Picker. He has three legitimate children, Larson (20), Roland(17), and Clarice (15),

Sigil: Grapes on a brown field.

Motto: Let’s get drunk.

Theme: The Wineroths are often described as very large with viking-like physiques. They are known for their expert ability at creating fine wines. They have, on occasion, gotten drunk to the point of starting small wars with neighboring houses.

Resources: Alcoholic Beverages, Mercenaries, Soldiers.

Skills: Brewing, Fighting.

Alliance: Marriage between Larson to Hestia of the Lilithans.

House of Wineroths

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