House Vilmiknan

Formal Name: House Vilmiknan

Important Figures: Duke Karral Vilmiknan, Minor Duchess Niv Vilmiknan, Duchess Nakim Vilmiknan, Ninkal Vilmiknan, Sir Kimlen, and Archmage Vanimlal.

Geographical Notes: Eastern forest in the plains by water.
Capital: Kavim

Motto: “The trees know.”
“As the wheel turns.”

Theme: Vilmiknans are the major exporter of Mage Wood, and the makers of vehicles.

Politics: The Vilmiknan lands are run by a republic of elite citizens. Each gets 2 votes within their location of power and 1 vote elsewhere. The location of power for men is outside and women inside. The Duke and Duchess, being of such important stature, receive 5 votes in their location of power and 3 elsewhere. There are many more laws that govern how votes are cast and for how much they are worth but all the laws follow this basic idea.

History: In the times of old, Vam Vilmiknan and Monik Vilmiknan, twins, were granted lands by the King for their deeds. They traveled east until they discovered the Venkam Forest, where they decided to settle due to the great abundance of mage wood. Due to their inability to agree on many subjects, but their need to come to a solution anyway, they created the early workings of the government that is used today by House Vilmiknan. The two had decided that there should be a place in which each is more responsible than the other and thus should hold more sway over the other.

Resources: Mage Wood, Vehicles

Skills: Lumberjacks, Vehicle Crafters, Traders.

Alliances: Dual marriages with the House of the Sun and Moon; Kav to Zulu-san Salazzar (to live with the Salazzars) and Liltas Salazzar is married to Ninkal (to live in Vilmiknan lands). Marriage with the House of Eolas. Molva married to Leabhar Eolas (to live with the Glasscocks).

House Vilmiknan

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